Author: Jaime

Jaime’s Top 10 Movie Crushes of the 80s

Ever since my co-hosts Pax and Shawn each posted lists of their top cult film crushes of the 80s (check ’em out here and here), the pressure’s been on for me to do my own list. Back in the day, one of my favorite pastimes was to lock myself in my room, put on good music, and fill up composition books with cut-out pictures of celebrities I liked, lovingly curated from the pages of People, Entertainment Weekly, or whatever magazines found their way into my stash. Sometimes it was the latest issue of TigerBeat I pilfered from my older...

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Do you like exploding heads and body parts?

Well, you clicked this, so I have to assume the answer is yes. And that’s good, because so do I. (Don’t worry, there’s no judgement here. You’re in a safe place.) In fact, I love exploding heads and body parts so much I created this compilation video of cult films (and one really great exception from a TV show) that feature spontaneous human combustion, people’s heads getting blown off, and a litany of other horrific (and yet totally fucking awesome) splody things that happen to people when filmmakers take a hard look at their work and say, “You know,...

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